How does the BabyEvia Subscription Service Work?

Sign up, select the right size, sit back and relax until you receive your monthly box. As the baby gets older, we keep track and send the appropriate size.

What Comes In A BabyEvia Box?

Kimono styles, onesies, bodysuits and more… If you’d like to see some happy customers with their recent BabyEvia boxes, feel free to check out our Instagram feed!

How Do I Join BabyEvia Subscription?
  1. Click on the “Get Started” button on BabyEvia.com
  2. Select which plan you would like and then select the size of your baby. Once you fill in the billing information, we will ask for your shipping info and then, you’re ready to go!
  3. All subscription plans are monthly and are paid for up front –– sort of like a magazine subscription. Okay, exactly like a magazine subscription.
How Much Does a BabyEvia Subscription Cost?

Twelve month plan = $29/box (Save over 20%)

Six month plan = $32/box (Save over 10%)

Three month plan = $34/box (Save over 5%)

One month plan = $36.50/box

What are the Shipping Costs?

Shipping is FREE and includes all handling fees and taxes! So go ahead – click here to get started.

How do I Track my Package?

Login to ‘My Account’ on BabyEvia.com and select ‘Track your Package’.

What Are The Clothing Sizes?


0-3 months

3-6 months

6-9 months

9-12 months

12-18 months

18-24 months

Can I Change The Size During My Subscription?

Whether you subscribe to BabyEvia for yourself or buy it as a gift, you will have the option to choose the baby’s size during the sign-up process.  For subscriptions, you have the option to change sizes each month as long as you make the change on your account BEFORE the 10th of the month.  This way we can get your box prepared in our warehouse in time for shipment!

How Do I Return / Exchange A Product from one of my Boxes?

Please contact csr@babyevia.com with your request.

How do I Cancel my Subscription?

Click on the ‘My Account’ link and login into your BabyEvia account. You will find the subscription management function here and will be able to cancel your subscription.

Can I Reactivate my Cancelled Subscription? How?

Click on the ‘My Account’ link and login into your BabyEvia account. You will find the subscription management function here and will be able to reactivate your subscription.

Where Are the Clothes Made?

We buy organic yarn from Global Organic Textile Standard approved mills in India the largest producer of organic cotton. The yarn is then knitted and the clothing is produced in Sri Lanka. We maintain an active commitment to ethical working conditions for our employees and to an environmentally sustainable production model.

Will You Tell Me What Is Coming In My Box Ahead Of Time?

No, we won’t tell you! We like surprises! But we definitely want to know if you have ideas for future boxes! Email us your ideas and we’ll consider them!

How Do I Reset My Password?

If you have forgotten your password, you can click on the ‘Forgot Password’ link on the login page.
To change your password and update your account, you can go to the ‘My Account’ page and login. Once logged in, click on “edit your password and account details”.

I am Having Trouble Logging into My Account. HELP!

Please contact us at csr@babyevia.com